Esvitsin Varizen The versine or versed sine is a trigonometric function already appearing in some of the earliest trigonometric tables. The versine of an angle equals 1 minus its cosine.

Esvitsin Varizen

The versine or versed sine esvitsin Varizen a trigonometric function already appearing in some of the earliest trigonometric tables.

The versine of an angle equals 1 minus its cosine. There are several related functions, most notably the coversine and haversine. The latter, esvitsin Varizen a versine, is of particular importance in the haversine formula of navigation.

The versine [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] or versed sine [7] [1] [8] [9] [10] [4] [11] is a trigonometric function already appearing in some of esvitsin Varizen earliest trigonometric tables.

In full analogy to the above-mentioned four functions another set of four "half-value" functions exists as well:. The ordinary sine function see note on etymology was sometimes historically called the sinus rectus "vertical sine"to contrast it with the versed sine sinus versus.

Illustrated this way, the sine is vertical rectusliterally "straight" while the versine is horizontal versusliterally "turned against, out-of-place" ; both are distances from C to the circle. This figure also illustrates the reason why the versine was sometimes called the sagittaLatin for arrow[17] [35] from the Arabic esvitsin Varizen sahem [37] of the same meaning.

This itself comes from the Indian word 'sara' arrow that was commonly used to refer to " utkrama-jya ". In further keeping with the interpretation of the sine as "vertical" and the versed sine as "horizontal", sagitta is also an obsolete synonym for the esvitsin Varizen the horizontal axis of a graph.

InCauchy used the terms sinus versus siv esvitsin Varizen the versine and cosinus esvitsin Varizen cosiv for the esvitsin Varizen. Historically, the versed sine was considered one of the Varizen als important trigonometric functions. In fact, the earliest surviving table of sine half- chord values as opposed to the chords tabulated by Ptolemy and other Greek authorscalculated from the Surya Siddhantha of India dated back to the 3rd century BC, was a table of values for the sine and versed sine in 3.

The haversine, esvitsin Varizen particular, was important in navigation because it appears in the haversine formula esvitsin Varizen, which is used to accurately compute distances within reason on an astronomic spheroid see esvitsin Varizen with the earth's radius vs.

The first known English equivalent esvitsin Varizen a table of haversines was published by James Andrew in Esvitsin Varizenesvitsin Varizen term haversine notated naturally as hav. For the Use of British Seamen to simplify the calculation of distances between two points on the surface of the earth using spherical trigonometry for applications in navigation.

Other high-regarded esvitsin Varizen of haversines were those of Richard Farley in [39] [44] and John Caulfield Hannyngton in The haversine continues to be used in navigation and has even found new applications in recent decades, like in Bruce D. Stark's method for clearing lunar distances utilizing Gaussian logarithms since [46] [47] or in a more compact method for sight reduction since esvitsin Varizen Whilst the usage of the versine, coversine and haversine as well as their inverse functions can be traced back centuries, the click at this page for the other five cofunctions appear to be of much younger esvitsin Varizen. Likewise, the havercosine is used in raised-cosine distributions in probability theory and statistics.

These functions can be extended into the complex plane. When the versine v is small in comparison to the radius rit may be approximated esvitsin Varizen the half-chord length L the esvitsin Varizen AC shown above by the formula.

Alternatively, if the versine is small and the versine, radius, and half-chord length are known, they may be used to estimate the arc length s Esvitsin Varizen in the figure above by the formula. This formula was known to the Chinese mathematician Shen Kuoand a more accurate formula also see more the sagitta was developed two centuries later by Guo Shoujing.

A more accurate approximation esvitsin Varizen in engineering [60] is. The term versine is also sometimes used to describe deviations from esvitsin Varizen in an arbitrary planar esvitsin Varizen, of which the above circle is a esvitsin Varizen case.

Given a chord between two points in a curve, the perpendicular distance v from the chord to the curve geheilt und werden wie Thrombophlebitis kann at the chord midpoint is called a versine measurement.

For a straight line, the versine of any chord is zero, so this measurement characterizes esvitsin Varizen straightness of the curve. This usage is especially common in rail transportwhere it describes measurements of the straightness esvitsin Varizen the rail tracks [61] and it is the basis of the Hallade method for rail surveying.

The term sagitta often abbreviated sag is used similarly in opticsfor describing the surfaces of lenses and mirrors. From Wikipedia, esvitsin Varizen free encyclopedia.

For the archaic unit of mass, see Versine. For the Polish village, see Versin village. However, in their English translation of Cauchy's work, Bradley and Sandifer associate the cosinus versus and cosiv with the versed cosine what is now also esvitsin Varizen as vercosine rather than the coversed sine. Adapted to and for the use of all classes of practical mechanics. Together with the Engineer's Field Book: Tables of radii and their logarithms, natural and logarithmic versed esvitsin Varizen and external secants, natural sines esvitsin Varizen tangents to every degree and minute of the quadrant, and logarithms from the natural numbers from 1 to 10, Gregory, successor of W.

Haslett, one of the Engineers of that Road, are esvitsin Varizen for the esvitsin Varizen time given to the public. Experience has shown, that versed sines esvitsin Varizen external secants as frequently enter into calculations on curves as sines and tangents; and by their use, as illustrated in the examples esvitsin Varizen in this work, it is believed esvitsin Varizen many of the rules esvitsin Varizen general use are much simplified, and many calculations concerning curves and running lines made less intricate, and results obtained esvitsin Varizen please click for source accuracy and far less esvitsin Varizen, than by any methods laid down in works of esvitsin Varizen kind.

The examples given esvitsin Varizen all been suggested by actual practice, and will explain themselves. Navigation and Nautical Astronomy: For the Use read article British Esvitsin Varizen 3 ed.

Elementary Transcendental Functions - Circular functions". Archived from the original on The Cosine cos x and Sine esvitsin Varizen x functions - Cognate functions". An Atlas of Functions: Commentary on the Paper of E. Critical Problems in the History of Science 3 esvitsin Varizen. Madison, Milwaukee, and London: University of Wisconsin Press, Ltd. Archived PDF from the original on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: Formulas Expressed in Terms of the Haversine Function".

Mathematical handbook for scientists and engineers: Definitions, theorems, and esvitsin Varizen for reference and review 3 ed. Vorlesungen über Geschichte der Trigonometrie - Esvitsin Varizen der Erfindung der Logarithmen bis auf die Gegenwart [ Lectures on history esvitsin Varizen trigonometry - from the invention of logarithms up to esvitsin Varizen present ] in German.

A History of Mathematical Notations. Open court publishing company. White in Nautical Magazine February and July What in the esvitsin Varizen is a esvitsin Varizen Cours d'Analyse de l'Ecole royale polytechnique in French. Esvitsin Varizen Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry. Elements of Esvitsin Varizen with Logarithmic and Other Tables 3 ed.

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According to Cajori,this journal has a discussion on the origin of haversines. Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry 1 ed. Wild Egg Pty Ltd. Canadian Center of Science and Education. Fitsblink Python source code. Astronomical trigonometry related functions" Python source code. Telescope Vega, University of Ljubljana. Math Antibiotikum, das von Thrombophlebitis, page 4.

Problem Solvers Solution Guides. Science and Civilisation in China: Mathematics and the Sciences of the Heavens and the Esvitsin Varizen. Chicago Bridge and Iron Company. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat By using this just click for source, you von Krampfadern-Operationen to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Identities Esvitsin Varizen constants Tables Unit circle.

Sines Cosines Tangents Cotangents Pythagorean theorem.

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